Group Booking Terms & Conditions

Group Booking Information & Terms & Conditions


Please reply to this email to confirm your receipt and acceptance of these requirements and confirm your booking

If your booking is for one of our calendar events please note special event conditions apply and these will be provided separately.
Keep up to date with our special events and offers at our what’s:

Opening Hours
Sat – Sun: 11:30am till late
Mon – Fri: 11:30am till late

45 South Wharf Promenade
South Wharf, Melbourne VIC 3006
Ph: 03 9645 8335
Set Menus:
Parties of up to 14 guests (Monday to Sunday) may select from either our a la carte menu or select from one of our affordable and popular set menus. As soon as you pre-select one of our set menus, we also require a deposit payment of $20 per head, to be paid within the next 72 hours after the booking has been made, to secure the booking.
Parties of 15 or more guests (Monday to Sunday) must select from one of our affordable and popular set menus.
Please view our set menus on our website and advise of your selection

Celebrating a special event?
See our celebration cake selections and pricing here You can also swap your set menu dessertsat no additional cost:
(BYO cake-age fee is $4 per head).

Giant Strudel
Thin sheets of strudel-dough stuffed with apples and cinnamon, rolled up and then oven-baked and served on a wooden board. 1 metre serves 10 guests

Bar Bookings
Bar Bookings can be made any time for parties of 20+. A deposit of $10pp is required to secure the space. Please note we hold reservations for a maximum of 15 minutes.

Please notify us of particular special requests prior to your party date, including children’s meals and cakes (a cake-age of $5pp is payable).
Please ensure you notify us prior to your booking of any dietary requirements or allergies. We operate and prepare food in a commercial kitchen therefore cannot provide any guarantees against allergic reactions to diners.

Dietary Requirements
Please notify us of particular special requests & dietary requirements prior to your party date, including children’s meals and cakes. Please note as we operate and prepare food in a commercial kitchen, we cannot provide any guarantees against allergic reactions to diners.
Seating Requests
We will do our utmost to seat your group in your requested area, however we are unable to guarantee your location as table allocation is not confirmed until the day of reservation by the floor manager on duty.
We have a range of seating styles, from traditional long share tables with bench seating, small tables to booths. Minimum spends apply to guarantee private function space.
Minimum spends apply to guarantee private function space. The minimum spend applies to the total food and beverage spend on the night. Should the minimum spend not be achieved the balance is to be paid by you as room hire.

Children (Minors)
«Area»is family friendly! Please let us know, if there are minors within your group. We are a fully licensed venue operating in accordance with the principles of Responsible Service of Alcohol Laws, which are Law in NSW

• Photo Proof of Age Identification will be required for entry. Patrons may be asked to show legal proof of age at any time.
• Please note minors must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian at all times and may not be seated at the bar
• The parent or legal guardian is responsible for ensuring that no alcohol is consumed by / bought for the minor
• We require minors to depart premises by 10.00pm (22:00)
• In accordance with liquor licensing law, the manager on duty is authorised to determine, if a person is a responsible adult. All minors in attendance at UPG venues may be required to wear identification (i.e. Coloured wristbands or a t-shirt) to differentiate them within a group of people on licensed premises.

Bucks Nights
Guests are encouraged to advise of Bucks & Hens night celebrations. The «Area» supports ‘Pure Bavarian Fun’ within the venue. However, any guests displaying inappropriate or disruptive behaviour will be immediately escorted from the premises.

Please sign this form and return to us as your acceptance of these conditions. This form will be used for security purposes, which means we will keep your details until the day after you have visited the Lowenbrau Keller. As per Responsible service of alcohol regulation, if guests are intoxicated on arrival, it’d the manager’s discretion to refuse entry.
Responsible Service of Alcohol
Urban Purveyor Group actively promotes a Responsible Service of Alcohol. House policy prohibits us from supplying alcohol to an intoxicated patron. Intoxicated persons will not be permitted to enter any UPG venue. Service of alcohol is at the discretion of the bar attendants, management and security. We reserve the right to refuse service and remove any person from any of the UPG premises if the relevant venue manager believes the person is intoxicated or is behaving in a violent, quarrelsome or disorderly manner or is smoking outside of designated areas.
Urban Purveyor Group Management reserves the right to:
1. grant or refuse entry;
2. end the reservation at any time; and
3. extend the hours of the reservation.

If any group/group members arrive to the venue and are deemed intoxicated-or their behaviour is deemed unacceptable, they will be REFUSED ENTRY to the «Area». Any deposit for guests that are refused entry will be immediately forfeited. Löwenbräu Keller Management and Security Management reserve the right to refuse entry to guests.
By paying the deposit, you personally agree to be responsible for this reservation; including any costs associated with the deposit, consumption/cash bar that are incurred during the above reservation, in addition to any previously agreed beverage arrangements and/or to reach the minimum spend as stated if and as required. By paying the booking deposit, you understand, accept and agree to adhere to the policies, details and Terms & Conditions outlined in this document.

Payment Options

EFT Banking
An Electronic Funds Transfer can be done over the internet or at your local bank. If you choose this payment option funds must be transferred 72 hours – three (3) working days before the payment is due:

• You MUST listed as the EFT deposit description the Reservation Name: «LastName» & Reference Number: («Reference_No»)

• Bank Details:

Bank: National Australia Bank
Account Name: Urban Purveyor Group Pty Ltd
BSB: 082 057
Account No: 17 125 8102

Credit Card

2% Credit Card transaction fee (per transaction) applies.
Please call us on 03 9645 8335 to make payment by credit card or please provide a convenient time for us to call you!

Cancellation Policy
Deposits are not refundable! If a booking is cancelled by you, the deposit will be issued as a gift voucher or may be used for an alternate booking date.
If you have given notice of cancellation less than as set out below deposit will be forfeited to «Area» to cover pre-ordering costs unless we can obtain another booking for your table:

02 January to 31 October Minimum 48 hours (2) days cancellation notice (or deposit is lost).
01 November to 01 January Minimum 72 hours (3) days cancellation notice (or deposit is lost).

Special Dates / Events (ie: NYE, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Anzac Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Oktoberfest, Melbourne Cup, Christmas & local Festivals).
Minimum five (5) days cancellation notice (or deposit is lost),
Minimum five (5) days cancellation notice or deposit (ticketed/ set menu/ package) price is lost.