About Us


Oktoberfest Comes to Oz 365 Days a Year!

Oktoberfest in Munich. Where consuming seven million litres of bier is a rite of passage, shouting “Prost!” with every beverage is considered mandatory, and six million people come to the city to indulge in the biggest party of their lives.

While it’s previously been reserved for those with enough Frequent Flyers to justify a trip to Bavaria, now the world’s favourite festival can be enjoyed without setting foot out of Oz.

Enter Munich Brauhaus.


What are we?

Munich Brauhaus brings to life a traditional Bavarian bierhaus, where guests can dine, drink and party like Oktoberfest never ended. With 2 stellar venues across the east coast (soon to be 3), you can celebrate riverside in our 900 seat state-of-the-art Melbourne venue or drink & dine in the historic Rocks district of Sydney’s CBD.

It’s the place where the jokes about uber weiners will be aplenty, memories made with mates will be wunderbar, and the most popular pickup line will be, “Deutsch you want me, baby?”

And remember, what happens in Munich stays in Munich.